Blair and Murphy-O'Connor: two hypocrites welcome to each other!

Tony Blair spent his entire parliamentary career doing everything to, sometimes rightly, undermine the Catholic Church's teachings. A few days ago, he was welcomed with open arms by arch-hypocrite, sorry, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor (who is known, even amongst fellow Catholics, not to be the sharpest tool in the box) into Rome.

Blair, along with the likes of Miss Primarolo and Ms Harman, consistently fought attempts to lower the abortion limit. Indeed, he fought to make it easier, i.e. up to birth. Tony Blair, whom we have become to know and hate, believes a fox's life is more sacred than a child's. If the Catholic Church doesn't believe in fighting for the right to live, it doesn't believe in anything at all. The Church hasn't changed. But has Blair?

Will he now admit to be wrong on this specific issue? If so, has he asked for forgiveness?

Hunter feels the Catholic Church was right to welcome Blair - if he admitted to voting the wrong way on Life issues and was genuine about it. Somehow, I suspect Blair is *not* repentant at all. Shame on Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the man who went out of his way to cover up child sex abuse cases involving Catholic clergy, for allowing this man into their community.

Did anyone note how a special service was held at Archbishop's House, Westminster, for Blair and how he was allowed to discuss the issue with the Pope himself? Hunter thought the Catholic Church believed in equality amongst men? How many 'normal' people are offered an audience with the Pope and personally received at Archbishop House? Perhaps Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor only lavishes such special treatment on abortionists like Blair?

And asArchbishop Cranmer notes, why hijack the Lord's birthday to announce his conversion?

Hunter, this year, will be attending Midnight Mass at a local high Anglican church. The Catholic Church's behaviour is hypocritical - and it stinks. What next? A special collection for Marie Stopes? Blair and Cormac Murphy-O'Connor are welcome to each other!


Cranmer said...

His Grace hopes you will find your local Anglican Church to be warm and welcoming.

Bless you.

David Allen said...

Yes, typical of Blair to hijack the Xmas season to indulge in the vulgar, attention-seeking behaviour to which he and his wife are so prone. Pass the sickbag!