Barbara heads North

LabourHome is reporting that Barbara Roche, the former MP for Hornsey & Wood Green, has been shortlisted, along with six others, for the safe Labour seat of Stockton North (somewhere north of Watford).

No doubt, though, Stockton Labour members will be asking her she how she managed to squander a majority of 20,499 from the 1997 General Election to lose by 2,395 in just eight years...

Hunter nevertheless wishes Barbara well. She was a good constituency MP.


David Allen said...

I hope she gets the selection _ she is a far better bet than the sleazy mediocrities who dominate the Labour benches these days.
And you know as well as I do why she lost last time:
a perfect storm of
_ having the misfortune to represent the most Guardianista constituency in the country at a time her party had led the country into an unpopular war
_ having the misfortune to have a constituency in one of the most aggressively incompetent Labour boroughs, whose leaders went out of their way to alienate her middle-class electorate
_ having the misfortune to face the best-funded, best-organised LibDem opposition in the country at a time when her own constituency was haemhorraging activists and funds due to (1) and (2) above.
She didn't stand a chance!

Newmania said...

Face like a slapped arse though JH. I thinkI am going to be helping the PPC a bit down in Lewes by the way. Shouold be inetresting
( Should be me .....grrr)

David is on form I see

David Allen said...

Mr newmania, i miss you and your compliments! But pleased to see you have carried your blogging bug to Lewes and love the new look of the site!

Croydonian said...

David - you, you liberal.

Awful person is La Roche, and the nation is well shot of her.

Anonymous said...

says the man who has a wife beater for an mp very near by....

Anonymous said...

Justin, you might want to remove the 'Europe, the World' from your blog description. Your stories seem to cover only that small distance between Haringey and Westminster.
I do enjoy a blog that covers International and world opinions, but this blog is just too localized.
There is life outside of Tottenham.

From a home and International blogger.


Merseymike said...

Well, Justin - lets be fair - she lost her majority because your party's vote collapsed and they all went off to vote for the Lib Dems!

I think we shouldn't underestimate how good she was on the gay equality issues too, standing firm on some details when others would have compromised.

Norfolk Blogger said...

A dreadful woman who was an awful minsiter, deeply illiberal in her actions and deserved to lose her seat.

She took the electorate for granted. ir wasn't as if the lib Dems in her seat surprised her. The Lib Dems had spent about 10 years building up to 2005.