Tottenham Conservatives' end-of-year dinner

Tottenham Conservatives had a get-together at a local Turkish restaurant in West Green ward this week. Over 30 local members joined us for an excellent dinner and to hear a rousing speech from our parliamentary speaker, Graham Stuart MP. Thankfully, a considerable amount of money was raised to pay for local Conservative campaigning. (Contrary to the belief of deluded socialists, the vast majority of Conservative campaigning is paid for by local fundraising - not by Lord Ashcroft, who gives Tottenham nothing and gives far less to the Tories than Labour receive from their fatcat Union bosses).

Back to Tottenham: as I looked at our assembled company, it occurred to me how much our party has changed over the years: of 30 guests, there were twelve gay men, two lesbians, one transsexual, one Mauritian, one Pakistani, one Iranian and one Ugandan. Wouldn't David Cameron have been pleased with us!?

The restaurant owners also managed to squeeze in two other couples as well as we Tories on the night. The first couple were only too happy to hear that they might be disturbed by a 20-minute speech from our guest speaker, even giving us the thumbs up. The other couple, mind you, were po-faced Guardianista queens from Muswell Hill, and were not amused! Tough, they were warned and could have gone elsewhere. I really think we rocked the foundations of their small little world when we confronted them with the fact that not all brown people and sexual minorities are on the political Left. But then Guardian readers only ever talk to other Guardian readers - and imagine that anyone to the right of Polly Toynbee must be part of some Daily Mail conspiracy.


Tom Mason said...

And several Northerners!

Graeme Archer said...

It sounds like a great night. I wish I'd come now!