Remembrance Sunday at the Tottenham Cenotaph

Hunter had the honour on Sunday of representing the Conservative Party at the wreath-laying ceremony in Tottenham. Here in Haringey, we have three ceremonies: in Hornsey (where we Conservatives were represented by the dashing Nicola Bates), the main Civic ceremony at Wood Green (represented by Eyvind Andresen) and the one here in Tottenham, which I always attend.

Readers of this blog do not need a history lesson from me on world wars I or II , suffice to say, this is always a moving occasion, uniting all faiths and races and means a great deal to all who take part.

Remembrance Sunday is also notably one of the few days of the year when local politicians put aside their differences and play nicely - especially at the reception afterwards hosted by the Royal British Legion which is always good for sharing some choice gossip

David Lammy MP said ‘Hello’ and wondered why I wasn’t being friendly. Told him I was miffed that he hadn’t joined my Facebook Group yet. I don't think he appreciates my online attempts to get him to spend more time with his family. Hunter noted that, after the service, Lammy disappeared sharpish instead of having a sausage roll at the Legion with the other politicos - perhaps he had to go off for another interview with June Sarpong?

Wayne Hoban, Lib Dem councillor for Alexandra Ward and former Tottenham ppc shook my hand - and then said “I don’t know why I'm doing this – you’ve been so mean about me on your blog”. Oops! What could I say other than ‘politics is politics’ (feeble I know!). I couldn’t resist asking him whether the rumours about him are true: Is he really on the verge of quitting Haringey Council in the New Year? (another Haringey Lib Dem with ‘the runs’). Poor Wayne looked gobsmacked for all of 20 seconds before saying, “ I couldn’t possibly comment”. You heard it here first, folks! The LibDems will miss him when he goes - he is one of their better councillors and has never been one of the fawning courtiers around Queen Lynne.

Emma Jones, councillor for Bruce Grove and Hunter’s favourite little eco-warrior, was also there to lay a wreath on behalf of the Labour Group. Emma has bravely turned vegan – a source of amusement to most of her Labour colleagues, it seems. Hunter kept an eye on her plate at the Legion and only spotted a few boiled potatoes and a couple of lettuce leaves. Poor girl, she'll waste away! A 'hat tip' and a large drink awaits the first person to file a report to me of Emma being seen eating cheese!

Brian Haley – councillor for St. Ann’s Ward and Cabinet Member Against Cars. Brian said Hunter now looks “quite regal” with my beard – I think he has noticed my growing resemblance to Edward VII (beard and waistline!). Perhaps Hunter should join Emma Jones on her vegan diet?

Sheila Peacock, former Mayor of Haringey, current councillor for Northumberland Park, and my old headmistress was very jolly, and cock-a-hoop that she has reported a Lib Dem councillor to the Standards Board. Hunter couldn’t resist pointing out to her that it must make a nice change reporting somebody to the Standards Board, rather than herself being reported to it! Anyway, if she’s successful, this councillor won’t have a leg to stand on (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)

Jim Cassins – soi disant ‘community leader' of South Tottenham was strangely missing. But others present explained his absence: this notorious star-f****er normally goes to the Civic ceremony in Wood Green 'cos the company's classier. This year, though, he boycotted the event because the church service has been axed. Hunter, naturally expected him to lay his wreath in Tottenham, but, alas, there isn’t enough illustrious flesh for him to press here.

David Schmitz - LibDem PPC for Tottenham laid the wreath for the Yellow Peril. Seems to me he is far to nice to be a FibDum _ Does he even know what they stand for? And, if he does, could he explain it to the rest of us?

N17 – who’d want to be anywhere else?


Anonymous said...

Why bother writing this blog, clearly nobody ever reads it.

Anonymous said...

I read it!

Newmania said...

Well done Justin ...glad to see you writign your lovely blog

Anonymous said...

Kewl, Mr H&S. As a Lib Dem councillor (not defecting, though!), I agree with you. Oakes is not our favorite member - ...

Emma Jones said...

Hello Justin. The veganism is so far going very well - not touched, or even wanted, any cheese :) So yes, why not try it?