Desperate Lynne gets nasty

Having failed to flog some life back into the dying horse of Chris Huhne's faltering bid for the LibDem leadership, desperate Lynne has now taken the gloves off and laid into her party's next leader, Nick Clegg on her blog.

In her blog she has accused Clegg of:
_ nicking Huhne's ideas and passing them off as his own (the Freedom Bill/ Great Repeal Act)
_ of only being comfortable talking about his own brief (home affairs)
_ of fasely implying that Huhne is a unilateralist on the nuclear issue
_ of interrupting and attacking Huhne in the debate
_ yet at the same time implies that he is lacking in substance and relies on his charm and 'touchy-feeliness' to win support, a mere 'boy' in comparison with 'Man Huhne'

Now we're all used to LibDems (Lynne in particular) trying to face both ways on every issue, but which is it this time, Lynne? Is Nick Clegg a touchy-feely, lightweight 'boy', all charm and no substance? Or is he a robust and combative debater, a skilful political operator adept in stealing others' ideas and dissing them to the voters? You can't have it both ways.

If Hunter were Clegg or one of his team, I'd be furious at this spiteful character assassination masquerading as a simple update on an election hustings. Place your bets now on Lynne getting the bullet on Day 1 of Clegg's leadership. (I'm off to Ladbrokes)


David Allen said...

A good piece of fisking, Hunter! Lynne is obviously trying to influence the votes of the saddos in her local party who think she is Mother Theresa and Lady Di rolled into one and hang on her every word. But anyone with half a brain can see it for what it is: a poisonous personal attack _ which the LibDems, of course, always claim to abhor!!

Patriccus said...

Nicely done Hunter - picked up by Iain Dale I see.

Anonymous said...

LD voice wants you to rig a BBC poll