Darling Zippy dies

Hunter and Dr. James have lost another guinea pig, Zippy. The poor little devil was found dead in his cage early yesterday morning. It looked as though his death was quick and painless - probably of heart failure. His age was unknown as he and his brother, George, were rescued. Our guess is that he was about four.

Pippet is terribly lonely and lost and we're planning on getting him a new friend from Bobtails - which is an amazing rescue centre for bunnies and guineas based in Ewell, Surrey.

In the meantime, RIP little fella.


David Allen said...

Poor little Zippy. At least he had a lovely home with you and James for the last year.

Mash said...

My hamster Winky died last year and I had a proper burial for him in my garden. I felt a little numb when putting him deep into the ground, it was like a big shock when someone you had taken care of for so long dies......

May God bless Winky

Anyway, sorry to hear about Zippy!!!!!!!!!!