Why so shy, Monica?

Monica Whyte, a Haringey Lib Dem councillor, has, apparently, been selected as the Lib Dems' GLA candidate for Enfield and Haringey --- according to Enfield Lib Dems. She was selected on September 16 but her own Haringey branch has not put out a single press release to announce her candidature and help raise her profile. How strange! Nor, even more odd, is there a mention of her selection on her own website.

Hunter wonders if Lynne has ordered her to stay out of the limelight - having another, younger, model in all the photos could confuse the voters and make 'Brand Featherstone' look old hat?

Over here in Tottenham, the Fib Dums have ‘selected’ David Schmitz as their candidate . A little yellow bird tells me that would-be candidates weren't exactly falling over themselves for the honour of representing the good people of Tottenham! Surely Mr Schmitz wasn't the only candidate seeking nomination? But what does it matter? David Schmitz is a very sweet man and a 100% improvement on the Fib Dums last (execrable) candidate, who I hear has chosen to spend more time with his X-rays.

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