Muddled Green thinking and hypocrisy on the London Assembly

Much has been said in the blogsphere about Brown being a Bottler. Hunter was too busy enjoying a politics-free break in the country (see below) to comment on the bizarre decision. Labour candidates and MPs in marginal seats must be spitting blood! But, as I said, that's all old hat now.

Today, a press release arrived in my inbox from the GLA Conservatives. Tony Arbour, one of our LAMs, has exposed the Green Party, aka Livingtone's pet newts, for muddled hypocrisy. They wanted members of the London Assembly to FLY to Dublin on a jolly, sorry fact-finding mission, to learn more about the Republic's carrier bag tax. As Arbour pointed out, "if we really want to find out about Ireland's policy, we could just write a letter"

The press release in full:

Date: 12 October 2007
Release: Immediate
PR: 377/07

Arbour condemns "wasteful junket"

Tony Arbour, Conservative London Assembly Member for South West London has kicked into touch Green Party plans to fly London politicians to Ireland to learn more about the Republic's carrier bag tax.

Speaking after yesterday's meeting of the London Assembly's Environment Committee, Mr Arbour said:

"Green Party Assembly Member, Darren Johnson seriously suggested at yesterday’s Environment Committee that London tax payers cough up something between £1,650 and £2,505 to fly members of the Assembly Environment Committee to Dublin on a fact-finding mission about the Republic's tax on carrier bags."

Mr Arbour was against the suggestion and persuaded enough of his committee colleagues to bin the idea for the time being.

He added:

"It is the height of hypocrisy for a Green Party politician to suggest that we all get on a plane and fly to Ireland with all that carbon dioxide being pumped out into the atmosphere - not to mention the cost of the trip - when, if we really want to find out about Ireland's policy, we could just write a letter."


Just why is it that so some many 'Greens' have adopted so many 'do as I say and not as I do' positions? Norfolk Blogger (aka Nich Starling) often comments on the Greens' hypocritical positions and I'm sure he'll comment on this one.

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Colin said...

I think the reason for green behaviour is that they are modern-day puritans of a left-wing tilt.

They are less interested in their own behabviour than in other people's behaviour - and in stopping other people from enjoying life by going on planes or using whatever lightbulbs they want, etc. A typical puritan obession with other people's pleasures.

At the same time, they want to control other people not by preaching or exhortation but by using the state. The modern greens in fact are (whatever they might say) in favour of big state control and intervention.

Greens simply do not understand liberty.