If Clegg wins will Featherstone defect to Team Gordon?

Hunter notes that when asked, last week, whether she still felt she was in the right (political) party, Lynne Featherstone replied: "I am in my heart and soul a Liberal Democrat." Has no-one told her that the 'Liberal Democrats' are themselves a coalition party? They were formed by the union of two other parties, the Liberals and the Social Democrats less than twenty years ago, because those two parties _-with substantially different values - were both fed up with getting nowhere at election time.

Even today there is tension between the two wings of the 'Liberal Democrats', with Nick Clegg and others trying to drag the party in a Liberal direction, whilst Chris Huhne (and his cheerleader and fellow millionaire Lynne) are trying to drag it in a Social Democrat direction. 'Social Democracy' is just watered-down socialism in cuddlier wrapping to appeal to middle class voters. I suspect that Lynne would feel just as at home in 'New Labour' as in the 'Liberal Democrats'. The fact that she chose not to nail her colour's to a Labour mast when she decided in her 40's to take up politics and run for council, is more a reflection of the fact that Labour locally had proved themselves so spectacularly incompetent running the council and were clearly not a good long-term bet in Haringey.

If Nick Clegg and the Liberal wing succeed in capturing the Lib Dem leadership and setting a truly Liberal agenda, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lynne crossing the floor of the house and joining Team Gordon on the New Labour benches.

Update: Have just found the above picture. Little did poor Ming know that the MPs around him were sharpening their knives and plotting to stab him in the back - Featherstone included!

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Lynne to join Team Gordon? Ah well, she's got enough bottle for both of them.