Abolish the PC post which pays more than the staff nurse (and some doctors, too!)

The University College London Hospital, in London, is advertising for a "Diversity and Equality Co-ordinator" - and he/she can expect to pocket up to £36,642.00 per annum working for just 36.6 hrs a week, yet, on the same page, a staff nurse at the same hospital will receive just £29,764.00 if she's lucky (the starting salary is just £22,999.00) working for 37.5 hours. How can this be right?

According to the job specification, the purpose of the first job is "To support the Head of Workforce (Diversity and Equality Lead) in providing specialist support on equality and human rights matters to enable the Trust to achieve implementation of equality and human rights legislation" - what the devil does this mean? Unlike the poor old staff nurse, the post has "no direct budgetary or staff management responsibilities".

Having been to the hospital on numerous occasions, Hunter can state that the UCLH already 'reflects' the make-up of the local population. If anything, white people are under-represented! But that isn't a problem for Hunter: he expects first-class treatment from hospital staff - their skin colour isn't an issue. Nor should it be for anyone else!

At a time when hospitals, UCHL included, are facing financial "challenges", this and similar posts should be abolished. And if the government require such jobs, they should immediately make changes in the law to do away with the – i.e. withdrawing from the European Human Rights Act – principally designed for chancers and the like.

When a hard-working staff nurse is paid less than some PC, pen-pushing busybody, you know you're living under a Socialist regime. It's time to bring back common sense to the NHS.

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