2007 Conservative Party Conference - so far

Much to Labour's and the liberal left's annoyance, this week's Conservative Party conference has been a huge success There has been no retreat to "the right" (incidentally, a phrase that was coined by one Gordon Brown MP)- as Labour were hoping for and, to be fair, a tiny minority of our own supporters were, too. David Cameron, quite rightly, knows that elections are won and lost in the centre ground.

That said, it would be wrong not to talk about taxes, Europe or immigration - all issues that the electorate care about in addition to education, the environment and NHS.

Gordon Brown has not changed. He's the man that raided pensions funds, blocked key reforms in public services, introduced 111 new stealth taxes, supported tax increases, supported the erosion of our civil liberties, supported the early release scheme and failed to support calls to keep A+E departments open and build more prisons. He’s an opportunist who will use anyone and anything for party political gain. This week, it was the turn of our Armed Forces in Iraq. One thing you don’t do in British politics – and that’s use our boys and girls as political pawns during an election. Conservatives, in addition to promoting fresh-thinking alternatives, have been right to point of Brown's hypocrisy and failings - of which there are many.

Conservatives are once again ready to rescue Britain and govern for all. It's time for friends and supports to get their chequebooks out.


Tom Mason said...

Agreed - great conference, some brilliant speeches, and even the beeb couldn't find anything to turn into an 'incident'.

Matt said...

what, no incidents at all?


oh dear.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Harmless bit of fun, Matt. You shouldn't be so pc!