Why has the BBC not published the results of their 'survey'?

A week or two ago, Hunter was contacted by a BBC journalist who wanted to know the views of us Conservative Association Chairman. The interview went something along the lines of:

BBC Man: Is David Cameron on the right track?
Hunter: Yes

BBC Man: Do you think DC will win the next election?
Hunter: Yes

BBC Man: Do you support DC's stance on the Environment?
Hunter: Yes

And so on.

It seems, after talking to colleagues, that we all sang from the same hymn sheet. It's funny that the BBC have not released their findings.

A cynic could suggest that the 'survey' was commissioned to embarrass the Conservative Party and run stories on "splits". They wouldn’t do that, would they? Discuss.


Duncan Webster said...

I feel a bit disapointed that I wasn't asked my views!

Norfolk Blogger said...

After the crap BBC reporting of the local election results on Thursday (saying in some reports you won 8 out of 9 seats when in fact you Labour won 6 out of 9), you can hardly complain.

They did a similar poll of lib Dems in the run up to the Lib Dem conference and the poll was not revealed until part way through the conference.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Duncan, perhaps they asked Margaret?

NB, perhaps as well as dislinking Conservatives, they dislike Dim Lebs, too?