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Leading Liberal Democrat blogger, Nich Starling, has tagged me. Nich wants to know who has influenced my politics. Here goes:

1. Margaret Thatcher for rescuing Britain from industrial unrest and ruin, liberating working people by introducing Right-to-Buy and putting the Great back into Britain.

2. Sybil James (deceased). Sybil was a Conservative activist in Tottenham and a former Labour/SDP councillor in Islington. She gave me lots of encouragement, which I shall never forget. Sadly, she passed away just a year after I met her from a brain haemorrhage.

3. Ada Gang-Devi from Tottenham, whom I've known since 1994. She, like Sybil, took me under her wing and has supported me in good times as well as bad. She helped keep Tottenham Conservative Association alive in the dark days (1997-2004) and has raised thousands on pounds which has enabled us to keep the Tory light shinning in most of Tottenham.

4. John Major. A kind man who had Britain's interests at heart, he achieved a lot during his premiership and people should think twice before trashing his administration.

5. Peter Tatchell. I could listen to him for hours. He is a libertarian who could teach a few Tories about Freedom and Liberty. He's a brave man, too.

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Croydonian said...

OK, as I said on MSN, I don't do memes, but since its you:

Ma and Pa Croydonian - near as damn it life-long Conservatives (he voted red in '51...), activists and in the case of the old man, a parish councillor.

Dr Cohen - a tutor at UCL who showed how without property rights all other rights are meaningless.

Arthur Scargill - The miners strike made me nail my colours to real rather than abstract politics once and for all.

Margaret Thatcher - For getting it right more often than not.

Plus sundry thinkers and economists, ranging from Friedman fils, Nozick and Rothbard out on the fringes, via Friedman pere, Hayek, Locke, Smith and David Hume through to sundry elected politicians of the last 30 years or so.

Colin said...

To Croydonian:

The Dr Cohen I remembered at UCL did not even believe in property rights. He just about accepted the right to own your own toothbrush.

Colin said...

To Justin:

John Major's greatest influence on you was .... the cone's hotline.

Croydonian said...

I believe he had a doctorate. He lectured on property rights, succession law etc in the 80s/90s and had a picture of Margaret Thatcher on his desk.

Perhaps it was a different Cohen.

Colin said...

Croydonian - you are right. A very different Dr Cohen. The one I meant was at UCL (Philosophy Dept) when I was there until 1982. Some time later that decade he went off to be a Professor at Oxford, where he still is. When I knew him he was a Marxist, and would not have had a picture of Margaret on his desk!

Croydonian said...

A friend is an alum of the UCL philosophy faculty, and it sounds to have been full of characters - Honderich et al.

Colin said...

Yes - Honderich and Cohen were the two political philosophy guys and both Marxists (though I think Cohen was more so than Honderich).

So our political philosophy lectures were filled with left-wing critiques of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians.

Even though I was a young undergraduate, I sat there thinking: this can't be right.

And we honestly did have discussions/lectures about whether it was politically acceptable to own even a toothbrush.

Croydonian said...

I was told a tale of one philosophy don at UCL who would go out clubbing until the small hours, spend an hour in the shower and thence back to the chalk face...