Punch and Judy politics alive and well at Haringey Civic Centre

We all know that Haringey is a dreadful Labour council, but many people had high hopes of the Lib Dems. Instead of challenging Labour when they get things wrong, supporting them when they get things right and offering fresh thinking (as Conservatives would do), the Lib Dems have behaved quite disgracefully in the council chamber. They're not interested in consensual politics, only indulging in 'Punch and Judy' politics - trying to score cheap political points at every opportunity. This week's Journal highlights one good example here. It's between the Lib Dems' often ill-informed Bob Hare Vs. Labour's original Great Clunking Fist, Ray Dodds. Hunter dispairs at this kind of politics - especially at a time when our taxes are going through the roof and services - if you call them that - are being slashed. The Lib Dems have let us all down by not being a responsible and sensible opposition on Haringey Council.

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