It's happened - *Hunter* was right!

Hunter wrote on September 17 that a senior London Labour councillor would join the Conservatives. Well, it happed today! Bertha Joseph, Brent's first African-Caribbean Mayor, has been a Brent councillor since 1986 and was Mayor for 2006/07 during Brent's celebration of the abolition of the slave trade. Hunter first knew about this defection a month ago, but, despite many requests to 'spill the beans', had to wait until it became official. Haringey's Richard Reynolds and a black former Labour activist in Hackney have also defected to Cameron's Conservatives.

For too long, Labour have taken the support of the BME communities for granted. Labour have failed them on crime, education, housing and social mobility (to name just four). Today's Conservative Party welcomes everyone - no matter where you came from. What matters is where you're going!

Welcome, Bertha!


Anonymous said...

'Senior Labour councillor?' who?
And just who is this famous black Labour activist from Hackney?
So high profile that you seem to be the only one reporting this earthshattering event..

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Annon/coward: have you been fox-hunting with the ghastly Quentin Davies and discussing the merits of an unequal age of consent over brandy and port yet?

Anonymous said...

Dear Justin

You say the conservative party welcome everyone...

So please remind me, just why did they kick you out a few years back?