Guess who's panicking?

Electoral Calculus predicts that Lynne Featherstone, MP will be a one-term MP (see their prediction below). According to one well-placed source, who keeps Hunter in the loop, Featherstone is spending a lot of time on the loo...

Hornsey and Wood Green
Region: North London
MP Lynne Featherstone (LIB) Electorate 76,621 Turnout 61.77% Top
2005 Votes 2005 Share Prediction
LIB 20,512 43.34% 31.08%
LAB 18,117 38.28% 42.54%
CON 6,014 12.71% 16.93%
OTH 2,687 5.68% 9.45%
LIB Majority 2,395 5.06% Pred Maj 11.46% LAB Gain
Results for 2005 implied from new boundary calculations


Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, could I point out that Electoral Calculus applies uniform swings, which in modern politics is utter rubbish.

Electoral Calculus was predicting a Labour win in Hornsey at the last general Election, indeed a larger one than the one predicted now and they also predicted a Tory gain in North Norfolk. Hardly world renowned accuracy.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

True, but Featherstone is REALLY panicking according my sauce, a local Lib Dem cllr.

Matt said...

you really do need better 'sources' Justin... sorry, I won't be helping you out tho :)

Justin Hinchcliffe said...