Exclusive: Boris, if successful, plans to crown Lurline Champagnie as Deputy Mayor

The formidable Lurline Champagnie is set to become Boris Johnson's Deputy if he, as expected, wins the primary. This is a very smart move indeed. It would kill off Labour's disgraceful suggestion that he is a racist (Boris is many things, but a racist he is not). Lurline, famous for turning up at a Conservative conference under Margaret Thatcher's premiership and declaring, 'I'm black! British! Conservative! And proud of all three!'

She is likable, intelligent and eccentric in her own right. Some have described her as being 'mad as a hatter'. She and Boris will make a wonderful double-act! Perhaps he should be her Deputy?


Anonymous said...

Lurline may think she is going to be Boris's deputy, but does HE know that? They'd certainly make an odd couple. Might be good to offset the poisonous and flase racist slurs being pitched against him at the moment by Labour. Boris himself is pretty multi-ethnic, I believe, depsite his Nordic looks: I think he has both a Russian jewish AND a Turkish Muslim great grandfather.

Newmania said...

That is intresting I must say .,...I am also interested to see I have been culled from your blog roll..What did I do ?

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Justin, put Newmanina back on, or I'll smack your botty!!