Did you hear what I heard?

Hunter woke up this morning to a love-in, sorry interview, between Gordon Broon and Today's Sarah Montague. Having voted for 24 hour boozing, to declassify cannabis and a host of other things he now wants us to believe it was all Tone's fault. He talked about wanting to improve our public services - but he's the man, as Chancellor, who throw money at public services without demanding much-needed reforms. The Great Clunking Fist forced Blair to water down all his good-intentioned policies on giving the professionals more say on how services are run. And he was the Chancellor who spent our money like a drunken sailor! He sounded very much like he's spent the last ten years in opposition, not as the Number Two in government. How does he get away with it? Do you think Montague challenged him? Where's Dave?

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Colin said...

To Justin:

Brown crapped on about not remembering every sermon his father gave in their church, but he did remember that the main value his father taught him was the value of giving.

And, yes, Gordon believes in giving - in giving other people's money away. That's easy. It is so easy to be generous, warm-hearted, and compassionate, if the money you give away is not actually yours.