Conservative Mayoral Hustings

On Monday, Hunter dragged himself to Lambeth, not Westminster as the BEEB reported, to the first Conservative Mayoral hustings. Having arrived twenty minutes late, I missed Victoria's and Wawick's speeches. Andrew Boff, whom Hunter is supporting, gave a very strong performance. Boris’s, in comparison, was lacklustre. Those in attendance - even his supporters, universally agreed.

Andrew's central message was, essentially, that the Conservative Party is about liberating people or it is nothing. In Mayoral terms, this means giving Londoners a greater say by devolving powers to local people.

Victoria Borwick's speaking abilities have massively improved since Hunter last heard her speak in 2003 (when she was applying to be our GLA candidate). Warwick Lightfoot is a master of facts and figures (well, he is an economist). If we were voting solely on policy, Warwick would win hands down. His problem is, despite having come from humble origins, he is just too posh.

Left the venue thinking, 'actually, I wouldn't mind any of them over Livingstone'.

Hunter voted the following morning: first choice went to Andrew, second to Warwick, third to Victoria and fourth to Boris. Despite this, Hunter appears as a "supporter" on Boris's website. All I did was to sign up to his newsletter...

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