Canvassing in Muswell Hill and spotting The Humourless Bitch

On Saturday Hunter joined colleagues in neighbouring Hornsey & Wood Green for a canvassing session in Muswell Hill. Interesting to see how many erstwhile Labour supporters, who switched to Featherstone over 'the war', are now going back into the Labour fold now Flash Gordon's in charge. And lots of positive noises about Zac Goldsmith's Quality of Life Report (well, if it didn't go down well in a place like Muswell Hill, we get our spades out and start digging...) Featherstone's majority looks OK on paper, but then that is presumably what Barbara Roche (the former Labour MP) thought when she was stacking up larger majorities for Labour in Hornsey & Wood Green than even Bernie Grant could achieve in Tottenham? Looks like Lynne may not be as secure as she likes to think!

After canvassing, Hunter joined former Horsey chairman David Allen for a splendid lunch in Bistro Aix, a wonderful French restaurant in Crouch End. I know I should have skipped dessert, but the lavender icecream was just too tempting. As we walked back towards the Broadway, who should we spot but Haringey Council's Dim Leb group leader Neil Williams (aka The Humourless Bitch) dining a deux at a local greasy spoon with a grey-haired gentleman; they both looked pretty miserable - I wonder why? Perhaps they had been checking out their canvass returns?


Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, Lynn is quite secure. I seem to recall senior Tories making predictions like yours about North norfolk last time basedc on a single canvassing session. Look what happened there.

Sven said...

Good Job! :)