We don't need a referendum - on the new Treaty

Hunter could understand if Euro-sceptics wanted a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU itself, but not on the revised Treaty. If you're in a club, you can't pick and chose the rules. If they want to resign from the club, then that is another matter.

Both Margaret Thatcher and John Major handed an enormous amount of powers (through Maastricht and Single European Act) to Europe's institutions. A referendum wasn't needed then and isn't needed now.

If Cameron and Hague continue to bang on about Europe, then we're doomed. Stick to the top two issues that matter to people: crime and the NHS.

When Hunter read that UKIP, the Conservatives and RMT have opportunistically joined forces to demand a referendum, Hunter's stomach turned. Talk about unlikely bedfellows! It’s worth noting that the RMT oppose the Treaty because it isn’t a Socialist one…

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David Allen said...

Rubbish! This is a matter of holding the government to account, not us obsessing about Europe. Labour promised a referendum and now they must give us one! (mind you, they've been doing that for the past 10 years).
Either way, the treaty is close enough to the Constitution to be covered by the same pledge. Gordon Brown will be making a liar out of himself and the whole parliamentary labour party if he fails to hold a referendum