That Lib Dem menu in full

Camden Lib Dems have put together a new cookbook, Serve a Liberal Helping. Hunter couldn't resist putting together a Lib Dem menu. Hopefully, this will be included in their next book.

Soup of the day (stirred by Mark Pack)

Main course
Smoked Kippers in a whiskey coulis (served by Charles Kennedy)

Iced vanilla buns served with lashings of chocolate sauce
Chocolate Log
(served by Mark Oaten)

(served by Charles Kennedy)

'Crusty Old Git'
(recommended by our Head Chef, Ming Campbell)

What would you suggest?


Anonymous said...

The pudding would in fact be "Mint Humbug"

Menzies Campbell said...

SIR Ming to you!

I could not possibly be Head Chef: I only do jobs involving foreign affairs.

Anonymous said...

Main course:
Cheval flambe - a la two horse race

LibDem HQ said...

The book's full title is actually:
"Serve a Liberal Helping of Hypocrisy"

The subtitle is:
"only the LibDems can cook around here"

Tom said...

Featherstone Chicken – the picture in the book shows something luscious, juicy and fresh. In reality, you end up with a dried-up, leathery old bird.

Neville Collins Surprise… [ "And NOW Collins is trying to pass himself off as a CHEF!!, but I know he hasn’t got a clue about cooking!!" / "Yes I have" / "No I haven’t" / Yes I have" / "No I, errr, you, err… arrgh!! Busted!" DELETE! DELETE!! DELETE!!! ]

Soup of the Day – different flavours depending on whether you are standing to the left or the right of the chef. Either way it’s unpalatable.

Simon Hughes Stew – Sometimes has sausages in it, although this was denied until recently.

Anonymous said...

Hamster a la Brent

Norfolk Blogger said...

French style "Two Horse" hotpot

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Really funny - keem 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Campbell's soup - old, watery, flavourless, with bits of foreign gristle

Anonymous said...

Alternative starter:
Pate a la Huhne - mashed brain pate oozing green chutney

Anonymous said...

Main course:
Ming fillet a l'orange - old, reheated lump of Scottish tenderloin in orange sauce

Anonymous said...

Main course:
Fife haggis - old bladder stuffed with offal and foreign bits

Dr Death said...

Main course:
Oxford fillet - anything freshly killed

Norman Scott said...

Main course:
North Devon fillet - great dane, freshly shot

David Steel said...

carpaccio (of anything young)

Vince Cable said...

Upside-down cake - specially prepared by the LibDem Treasury team

Ming said...

Scotch eggs - cold, hard, encrusted eggs to be shoved down English throats

LibDem HQ said...

Justin -
You forgot to add the price at the bottom of the menu.

For English people: £50 per head plus tax plus service
For Scottish diners: free

David Allen said...

...with thanks to Anon, it should be
"DEUX chevaux flambe" (a 2 horse course, of course)

Norfolk Blogger said...

What a shame all these brave souls post anonymously or with fake names.

Jenny Tonge said...

Strawberry bombe

one suicide bomber ...