Lib Dems - soft on crime?

Hunter agrees with Mark Oaten when he says that one of the advantages of quitting politics is that you get a chance to say what you really think. But, in doing so, Oaten has confirmed what we all feared: the Lib Dems are the criminals' friend.

Oaten, their former Affairs spokesman, said that all prisons should be abolished. And many of his colleagues agree with him, too! Rather patronisingly, Oaten accuses prisoners of either being illiterate, junkies or mentally ill. Hunter doesn't dispute the fact that a large number of prisoners are illiterate, drug and alcohol-dependent and suffer from mental health problems. But not all of them do. Some are just opportunists who want to 'get rich quick' and don't care what or whom they harm.

Sure, spend more money on drug rehabilitation, educational and care units and (as Conservatives will do) but keep our prisons open. Prison, mostly, works!

Interestingly, David Rose, an investigative journalist, said: "What Mark Oaten is arguing for is a massive increase in state power" - because critics argue that far from being an ultra-liberal solution to crime, Oaten's proposals would lead to the creation of an authoritarian, Big Brother state in which bureaucrats would have the final say over who is locked up - and for how long.

So, there you have it: the Lib Dem are not just a party that believes in big government but they're dangerous, too.


David Allen said...

and I thought he was supposed to be one of the 'Orange Book Gang' (i.e. on the RIGHT of the LDs?). If someone like Paten thinks this, one dreads to think what Featherbrain really think about crime, prisons etc.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Actually Justin, your whole article debunks what you claim.

The fact is that Oaten can only say these things now because he is not standing again, therefore he feels he can disagree with lib Dem policy now. And that's the point. What he is saying is a personal view and not Lib Dem policy.