Lib Dem councillor: Do as I say, not as I do

A London Liberal Democrat councillor in charge of cutting down on boozing has sparked fury after being caught drink-driving.

The incident, where Cllr Capstick was 'shopped' to the police by “stunned” members of the AA after her car broke down, has only just come to light: Lib Dems tried to keep the matter out of the public view. So much for 'open government', which they claim to be supportive of.

Opposition councillors are, understandably, cross at being kept in the dark.

Labour group leader Peter John fumed: "I'm absolutely gobsmacked. Denise Capstick has put other people's lives at risk by driving on the road while unfit through alcohol.

"All councillors have a duty to maintain standards in their personal and public lives, and she has fallen well below the standards expected of her.

"I think she should consider her position, not just as executive member for health but also as a councillor."

Rather pathetically, Cllr. Stanton, the Lib Dems Leader of Southwark Council where Captisck is a councillor, said: "It never crossed my mind to sack her… she has my full support to continue in the job”.

Can you imagine the fuss if she was a Conservative councillor? Old Mark Packaging, over at Dim Leb Voice, would be having a field day...

What hypocrisy!


Newmania said...

My father was dropped from the Coucil for a lesser offence and not suppoprted by the Conservatuve Group


Tom Mason said...

I don't know which bit of this to be most appalled at:

The drink driving offence;
The hypocrisy of doing it while also holding the alcohol-reduction brief;
The council leader seeing nothing wrong with it; or
The attempt to hush it up.

Absolutely staggering (no pun intended ;-)

Tom Mason said...

And this quote from the council leader just takes the biscuit – trying to spin it as a positive experience:

"I don't think politicians have to behave to a higher standard than everyone else. I think it's good that politicians are real people, and real people make mistakes."

But surely he must think that councillors should at least behave to the SAME standard as everyone else, and that someone convicted of a dangerous criminal offence has fallen well below that standard?

Could this be a new Lib Dem slogan? – "Trust us, we’re just as criminal as you are."

Norfolk Blogger said...

Actually Justin, A Tory in South Norfolk did this, but went one further, by then urinating by the entrance of a hospital.

The difference, and this is where you own an apology, Lib Dem voice and mark Pack did not mention it at all.

The Tory in question put out leaflets campaigning against anti social behavious just last May.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Probably because mark Pack didn't know about the story...

I agree with Tom.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

What did your father do, N, apart from help create you? (+: XX