Hunter to write a book?

Hunter is giving some serious thought to writing a book, following the publication of Serve a Liberal Helping, a Lib Dem cook book by Camden Lib Dems. Hunter's book would probably be called "Serve a Liberal Helping of Hypocrisy" (thanks to Colin for the suggestive title!). The book would be complete with cartoons. Any good cartoonists out there? Iain, if you're reading, any advice on how I can get a book published? Meanwhile, Hunter would appreciate some more material - click here to contribute.

Hunter's favourite suggestion to date has come from Tom:

"Featherstone Chicken – the picture in the book shows something luscious, juicy and fresh. In reality, you end up with a dried-up, leathery old bird!"


Tom Mason said...

Cheers mate!

BTW, what on earth were you searching for when you found THAT picture?!?


Norfolk Blogger said...

Plenty of Tory hypocrisy around at the moment.

What about South Gloucestershire Council where the Tories pledged at the elections to increase recycling rates beyond wha tthe Lib Dems ahd done when they ran the council and introduced recycling schemes the Tories opposed (hypcorisy in itself) when the Tories ahve rejected the opportunity to have tetrapak recycling facilities that would have allowed them to recycle those carboard/plastic/foil cartons ?