Hats off to the Bishop

Hats off to Michael Evans, the Catholic Bishop of East Anglia, for condemning Amnesty International's decision to support abortion. Hunter first read the story in yesterday's Daily Telegraph but was reminded about it when reading a post on Norfolk Blogger.

There is no 'right' to an abortion, but there is a right to life - if that isn't a basic human right then I don't know what is!

Abortions are sometimes necessary when the mother or baby's life is at risk. This is not disputed by Hunter or his fellow pro-lifers. In fact, prior to David Steele's Abortion Act (1967) abortion was available to women under those circumstances. But the truth is that over 95% of abortions are carried out when there's no risk to the mother's immediate health.

AI does fantastic work, but Hunter has no choice but to cancel his monthly direct debit. When they ditch the policy and return to their senses, Hunter will start to donate again.


David Allen said...

I am surprised that AI have committed themselves on this issue. It is so divisive that lots of people are bound to cancel their sub.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Quite so, David.

Patrick C said...

I, like many others, am also very sad to feel forced by Amnesty (which was set up by a Catholic) to withdraw my support.

Considering the excellent human rights work that AI has carried out through the years, it has not been unreasonable up until now for pro-life individuals such as myself to have assumed that their aims were identical to our own, namely the protection of the innocent and the defence of the vulnerable (both woman and child).

However am I correct Hunter in believing that this decision has been taken by and applies to Amnesty UK, in which case donations made or transferred to Amnesty in Ireland (a country which incidentally combines a pro-life constitution with its status as the safest country in Europe to give birth) would NOT be used to promote/fund abortion or other destructive practices?

Info appreciated!

Colin said...

The problem with supporting Amnesty Ireland is that this too is part of Amnesty International (ie the world-wide umbrella organisation), and it is the international organisation that will now be promoting abortion through the UN and other treaties and putting pressure on third world countries.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I am sad that people ignored what I wrote and made up their own story.

Amnesty support the decriminalisation of abortion where the mother's life is in danger.

So much for people claiming to support the "right to life", people who oppose this are condemning women to death.


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

As I said, there isn't a right to as an abortion, but there is a right to life! I can't think of a single country where abortion is not legal when a mother's life is at risk. 'Pro-choice' folk in AI do not value the lifes of the unborn. Next AI will be supporting forced abortions in china, too!

patrick c said...

I’m afraid that you are mistaken, NB. In cases of crisis pregnancy, abortion is unlikely to be the preferred medical procedure to protect the mother's life, even in developing world conditions. In the case of pre-eclampsia for example, the most likely action by the doctor would be an emergency inducement of the baby in order to reduce blood pressure on the part of the mother. Whilst (depending upon the gestational age) this may result in the forseeable though unintended death of the baby, this is vastly different to an abortion in terms of both action and intent (as well as success rate).

The notion that abortion is necessary to protect the lives of women is proven false by the fact that Ireland, one of the few EU countries which still retains a pro-life constitution, holds the lowest mortality rate in Europe for pregnant women, ahead of all its ‘civilised’ neighbours with pro-abortion legislation.

Red Maria said...

Re: Colin, agreed.

There are a lot of people around who think that they can be members of Amnesty but somehow avoid the policy. They think they can either affiliate to Irish Amnesty because misleading press reports in Eire gave the impression that the Irish Section had opted out of the policy (it hasn't, it doesn't have that power) or can have their subscriptions somehow 'ring-fenced' away from abortion.

To be fair to them, Amnesty have made clear that none of this is possible but foolishly, The Tablet has encouraged these fantasies by mentioning them in editorials and news stories, quoting people like Bruce Kent.

What has been misunderstood is that Amnesty isn't a service provider but a political player. Its not going to provide abortions, rather it will now openly use its not insignificant influence at the UN and elsewhere to get abortion shifted away from democratic politics into the sphere of 'human rights' treaties. You can't 'ringfence' your money away from that. If you sign up, you sign up to the whole package. They take your money and do what they want with it. Anyone who funds Amnesty is now funding an aggressive abortion campaign.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, you said that you cannot think of a country where abortion is not legal if a mothers life is at risk. So are you saying the law, in such circumstances is right ? if so, all Amnsesty are calling for is for this to be the same in every country. So how can you oppose this ?

The decision by amnesty has been twisted and manipulated by pro lfe/Catholic groups with their own agenda, and telling the truth about Amnesty is not something they are prepared to do.

Then again, when certain churches have a proven history, going righ to the very top of protecting paedophiles, failing to help the legal authorities in countries to investigate abuse, and even institutionalised abuse against chidlren (by nuns in ireland which is held up here as an example to use all) I am so pleased not to be of any religion.