Cllr. Monica Whyte - deluding herself or just telling porkies?

Campaigning to be the Dim Lebs' GLA candidate for Enfield-Haringey, Cllr. Monica Whyte makes the bizarre claim, "we know that the Tories are extinct in Haringey and cannot win this GLA seat". Come again, Cllr. Whyte?

The result from the 2004 GLA election was as follows -

Labour: 33,955


Lib Dems: 19,720

UKIP: 10,652

Others: 19,530

Had UKIP not stood, Conservatives probably would have won by about 5,000 votes. We have selected high-profile local councillor, Cllr. Matthew Laban, who is working hard to win this seat.

It's certainly a two-horse race, but the Lib Dems are out of it. Just who is Cllr. Whyte trying to kid? And as for Conservatives being "extinct" in Haringey, well that's just wishful thinking on her part but Conservatives are here, campaigning on the issues that matter to people and are making good progress.

Update: I understand that Cllr. Whyte has been fast-tracked to become a Lib Dem PPC –yet another example of a Lib Dem using Haringey as a stepping stone for Westminster!


Anonymous said...

she sounds like another LibDem horror from Central casting _ I think you should post her pic here so that we all know the face to apply to the wax effigy

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, You can't accuse others of misunderstanding statistics and back that up by doing exactly the same yourself.

There is little evidene to suggest that UKIP take all their vote from the Tories. Stats have shown that up to 1/3 of the UKIP vote comes from previous Lib Dems.

One thing though also Justin, is it not true that the Tory results in Haringey have got worse or better since the last GLA elections ? Take, for example the GE results ? Have the lib Dems improved since the last GLA elections ? how many Haringey councillors ahve you gained since the last GLA elections ?

(tumbleweed rolls past and church bells sound in the distance)

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

That's why I predicted we would have won by about 5,000 votes - having divided the other 6,000 votes to Lab and Libs. Read carefully, Nich!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh.