Canvassing tales

Hunter was doing a spot of canvassing the other day and met a charming woman of West Indian origin. "Which Party would you be likely to support if an election were held tomorrow?” Hunter enquired. Voter: "Either UKIP or the Lib Dems. I really don't think we should be in Europe, so perhaps the Lib Dems?” Incredible, isn't it? Needless to say, Hunter said that all sensible Euro-sceptics should vote Conservative.

Moments later, I handed a voter a leaflet which mentions our Party's desire to end global poverty. Voter: "Yeah, I agree. I was in Spain last year and I couldn’t bleedin' believe it! Their cats were as skinny as rakes!" You can't say much to that, can you?

Do you have any funny canvassing tales to share with us?

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David Allen said...

Why were you surprised?
Woman A's last DimLeb canvasser probably heard her views and assured her they were a euro-sceptic party.
and Woman B, like most Brits obviously cares far more about animal welfare, than about people.