Cameron 3, Lefties 0

Newsnight: The questions from the panel were a disgrace. Gavin Esler repeated the inflammatory word 'swamped' in relation to immigration three or four times with the obvious intent of trying to get David Cameron to repeat it. The panel repeatedly mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Cameron's wealth - indicating that this meant he was unfit to comment on poverty/low income families. Hunter was also amazed at Mr. Esler asking if Cameron thought he was competent for the job; that is for the electorate to decide, not Esler. Did you notice how the lighting crew felt the need to leave David Cameron in half shadow whilst the panel were bathed in light? Surely this wasn't a Newsnight ploy to make him look bad/shadowy? Can you imagine Brown recieving such treatment?

Hunter has made an official complaint to the Beeb and urges his loyal readers to do likewise. On day one of us taking office we should privatise the BBC. Most of it's staff would be able to find work quite easily: campaigning at Labour Party HQ or scribbling for the Guardian!


David Allen said...

The BBC is disgustingly biased. Now there's an institution in need of root-and-branch reform. It should be forced to sell off all its commercial activities with the receipts being used to cut taxes. I'd also scrap the licence fee (a certain vote winner) and make it rely on a block grant from the government.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Sorry, but what is the point of this type of show if Cameron is not to be questioned ?

He was asked some questions that needed to be answered. Why has he got a shadow cabinet who have over 120 other part time jobs ? Why was he a hawk on iraq but pretends to be a dove now ? Why were gun crime stats higher when he was an advisor to Michael Howard at the Home Office in 1995 ?

Other party leaders get grilled, but they cope with it much much better than Cameron, the problem was he looked rattled and came over badly.

Gutted !

Anonymous said...

You say that the BBC is biased aginst the Tories, and that is probably true. I just think that they are coming around to a national way of thinking in that there really is no place for a Conservative Party in modern day Britain, particularly with all it's problems.
Cameron was probably the worst choice as leader. A man who was educated at Eton and is supposedly still being surrounded by his Eton cronies. Sometimes I pull my hair out asking myself what on earth has this man got in common with the ordinary man in the street. His PR visits to the run down Council Estates and the hug-a-hoodie statement is cringe makingly embarrasing. He is quite clearly designed on a template of Tony Blair ala 1994.
Yes in the 40's, 50's and 60's Britain was prepared to be looked after by the ruling classes and the Eton boys, but times have changed. The electorate want to be governed by people that they feel a connection with.
The Tories might have had more luck picking David Davies as leader, a real man from the streets with more humble beginnings, but sadly he lacks charisma and is often capable of sending audiences asleep at Party Conferences.
Whats even worse is putting up Boris for Mayor. Thats got to be the Tories playing their joker card.
One paper recently said 'What on earth has Boris got in common with multi-cultural London.'
I genuinely thought that the Tories would disband shortly after 97. But no they are still hanging in there preparing for yet another defeat as we prepare for a snap Election announcement.
The BBC is known for documenting stories and providing comments and portraying the climate and feel of the country, and I suspect that they would be pleased if the Tories withered away.
To say something like (In an early posting) 'Ah thats why we joined the Tories, for the hunting, shooting, the champagne and shopping at Fortnums' really sets your cause back 30 years.