Another false dawn

Guess who's back?

On July 14, he posted on his blog, "NJC is going on an extended leave until I can mend my fractured relations with the local Liberal Democrats. I will have to grovel to them and lay low for a while, so I will not be posting here for the time being"

Hunter, needless to say, is delighted at the news. A new blog is a new opportunity to embarrass the Lib Dems.

UPDATE: Blog #3 has now been closed. Hunter looks forward to blog #4...


Kevin Davis said...

This bloke is a complete nutter!

Tom said...

Jeez, you've spanked this muppet three times already and he's STILL coming back for more?!?

This time just bend him over, stick a gimp ball in his mouth, and start charging him for his pleasure!

Suz said...

Blogging is like an addiction he just can't resist it.

The whole thing is sad but highly amusing.

Least Justin you are adding to the fun with your sarcy comments.