A very busy week

Hunter is sorry for not having blogged for almost a week. This week has been an exceptionally busy one. Starting with the Tottenham Conservatives' AGM, where Hunter was re-elected Chairman of the local Party. Friday saw James' graduation at Southwark Cathedral (above) and lunch at Guy's hospital. Popped into Borough Market and bought some organic sausages - £4 for four! And they were bloody tasteless!

Yesterday was spent at Gay Pride. So many Conservatives there that I though I was at Party conference! Can't remember getting home but today I'm covered in cuts and bruises and have a swollen left hand. Either fell or was beaten up. My fault for drinking too much. I really must stop it but, as anyone who has an addiction knows, it's difficult.

Today, despite the hangover, we delivered an area of Tottenham which, to my knowledge, has never had any Conservative literature. This proves that there are no 'no go' areas for Conservatives. There were four of us out and we managed to deliver 1,500 leaflets promoting our GLA candidate, Cllr. Matthew Laban. Thanks to Richard, Sam and Tom. Let's hope our year-round record of hard work is rewarded in May.

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