Up in the Peak District

Hunter and Doctor James have just returned from having spent a week in the Peak District. Days trips took us to Chesterfield (grim), Sheffield (improving) and Manchester (fantastic). Hunter could live in Mancs - it's got everything that London has - good transport links, good shops and an excellent social/clubbing scene. Like Haringey, it doesn't have a single Conservative councillor, so Hunter would feel at home!

We stayed with a family - David and Fiona - from Sheffield and rented a farm house just outside of Bakewell in the Peak District. David is a consultant in paediatrics and is a friend of James' family. They have four delightful children: Alice (12), Ben (10), Grace (5) and Lydia (3). And they certainly kept us busy. Saturday was spent down in a cave and at a farm for endangered and rescued animals, followed by a sixties-themed murder mystery party.

After the children were tucked up in bed, Hunter had late night conversations with Dr. David and his charming wife, Fiona. One night, they, not me, wanted to discuss politics, which was fascinating.

David and Fiona are middle-class and evangelical Christians. They also voted Lib Dem in Sheffield Hallam (once a rock-solid Tory seat). They didn't seem to know that the Lib Dems' local income tax would hit them hard and that their children's schools (Catholic and CofE) would be under threat from the Liberal's secular policies. They were also pro-life, which very few Lib Dems are. It is now highly unlikely that they'll ever back the Lib Dems again. Just how many middle-class people know - and agree with - Lib Dem policies (which are often way to the left of Labour)?


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you had a good break. I hope that we are not going to lose you to 'The North'

Anonymous said...

Hi darling, I am glad you went to Bakewell, it really is lovely. A well deserved break for both of you, as you have both worked hard.
Love Catriona

Neil said...

That last paragrpah lends itself to a party political broadcast...

Glad you had a break.. sixs weeks off me now