University Collge Hospital, Southall and Tottenham

On Thursday afternoon, Hunter was admitted to the University College London Hospital (UCLH) with chest pains and breathing difficulties. An x-ray later revealed a "shadow" on one of my lungs, plus some fluid. Hunter, naturally, assumed TB or, perhaps, cancer. It was 9pm and the consultants were divided on whether to admit me. The clock was ticking: government targets say that patients should not spend more than four hours in A&E. It was a dilemma for them and me, as we had a flight booked to Ireland the following morning at 5am. In the end, a compromise was reached - I could go home, but would have to return the following morning. That meant no Ireland and £100 down the pan.

Following a surprisingly good night's sleep, Hunter returned to the hospital. The result? All rather strange! The radiographer said the shadow was a result of me not standing straight (no puns!) during the x-ray. But why couldn't they tell me at the time? The fluid had also gone. Good news, I hear you tell me. But not very reassuring, is it?

Later than day, we lunched in Pizza Hut. Very cheap and not bad food. Not bad at all. Headed down to Trafalgar Square, where I secretly hoped to be arrested. My Crime? Feeding the pigeons. I really love them. Had six of them on my arm eating rice out of my hand. F**k Livingstone! Then went to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth to view the Holocaust Exhibition, which was truly moving.

Having been given the 'all clear' I was feeling much better so Hunter jumped on a train to Southall. Every other sari shop, food store and restaurant had giant "Vote Tony Lit" posters displayed. Saw one or two Dim Leb "Winning here" posters displayed but even they were up next to the huge Lit ones! According to Lib sources, Liberal Drinks, usually held in SW1, is going to be held in Southall. But where will they go? Every pub I saw had Lit posters up. Was very impressed by the professionalism of our campaign. Normally, Hunter despairs of Conservative 'efforts' during by-elections. This time, our literature is good, we have three campaign offices, thousands of volunteers and, above all, a really excellent candidate in Tony Lit. My hunch is that the result will be close between Vaz's Labour candidate and Tony. The Lib Dems have not got a snowball's chance in hell of winning here. Will be back.

Not wanting to neglect my own Tottenham constituency, Hunter spent three hours out (alone!) delivering 700 newsletters in one of Labour's safest wards. A couple of people, pleased to learn that I was not delivering yet another pizza leaflet, warmly greeted me with the words "we could do with a change around here - what would Conservatives do?” The first word that came to mind was "regeneration". Labour say that they are spending £millions on regenerating Tottenham, but the area doesn't look any better. Labour has delivered too little too late. Change does indeed seem to 'buzz word' around here.

Later visited a friend in Crouch End and had a drink in the Maynard’s public house on Park Road, and bumped into a couple of a friend's friends who are massive Doctor Who fans. Met Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, too!


David Allen said...

Hunter, your life is one giddy whirl Glad to hear you are 'safe and sound'

Newmania said...

You have me a scare there Justin...phew glad you are ok. Its all going well in Ealing.

Say hallo to lovely David for me

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. Are you okay?
Love Catriona

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Safe, yes. Sound? Dunno! (+: