Spelman re-visited

Shortly after Caroline Spelman was elected in 1997 as the MP for Meridan, I heard reports that she was alledgedly active in hounding out a young Asian member from the Association because of his sexuality. She never really said or did anything when she was previously in the shadow cabinet, so why has she been given a second chance?

Yesterday, Hunter was in Ealing Southall (more on that soon) and met a worker from CCHQ. Spelman, he told me, is "keen to make her mark" by reorganising CCHQ. Francis Maude, the Party Chairman until last week, made CCHQ a professional, modern and open HQ. We often, quite rightly, criticise the "pointless" reorganisations within the NHS - perhaps we should practice what we preach?

Anyway, where's Julie Kirkbride? Now there's a woman who really ought to have been put in the shadow cabinet!


Norfolk Blogger said...

and Kirkbride does speak with consistency and a sense of purpose. Perhaps she is not in the Shadow Cabinet because she lack sthe ruthless treak that Spelman has, or perhaps she is too nice ?

I remember Lembit Opik on Question Time a few years ago describing Julie Kirkbride as being too nice to be a Tory.

electro-kevin said...

Did you get to Ireland, Justin ?

Was the Guiness nice ?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Didn't, sadly, go in the end - see the above post.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

I don't think it's a bad thing to have a 'nice' party chairman. Obviously, others disagree with me.