Lib Dems - the censorship party?

Very occasionally, Hunter used to post messages on Lib Dem Voice. But it looks as if they have banned my IP address. Unlike 'trolls', Hunter always used his real name and never made any attempts to disguise the fact that he's a Conservative. A poll on the very same site recently asked people, the vast majority of them Lib Dem members and supporters, if the site should continue to be 'open' - i.e. allow comments from anyone. By a big majority, they voted "yes". Mark Pack, the site's main author, is known for his control freakery, especially in by-elections. Could in be that he is clamping down on free speech because he's very worried about the damage questioning and factual posts could do to further harm their chances in Southall?


Gavin F said...

You should try using Ghostsurf. It changes and hides your IP address to make it more difficult for people to steal data from your PC, but I guess it works the other way too.

The Lib Dems should know by now that censorship simply pushes the messenger underground!

It looks like the Ming critics may get just the result they want in Southall. Let's just hope the party doesn't drop him as a result!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Indeed, Gavin.