The Lib Dem with two faces - part two

Yes, it's him! Neville Collins, a senior Tottenham Lib Dem who writes a blog called NJC, has yesterday admitted to setting up another blog called NJC Exposed in order to attack and mock, er, himself and his party! Hunter always knew that it was him, but didn't have any 'hard' evidence to prove it.

It would be really easy to mock Mr. Collins and Hunter won't do it because he's obviously in need of psychiatric help! His antics - from insulting Tottenham people to condemning himself and his own party - have now ended his ambitions to represent the Lib Dems on Haringey Council. They asked him not to blog, he ignored them and they will now probably expel him.

This, though, being politics, provides both Conservatives and Labour with an opportunity to re-use some of Collins' disparaging thoughts on the Lib Dems. For that, we thank him!


Anonymous said...

Its interesting to note the title of this blog postin gin light of the fact that your parliamentary candidate in Tottenham in 2005 has now switched to UKIP.

Tom Mason said...

Anonymong, the issues are completely unrelated.

It's one thing to change political party if you views change. It's quite another to publicly support a party, publicly attack it, put yourself up for election, and attack yourself as unsuitable for election, all at the same time.