Hunter, too, wishes to apologise to the people of Sheffield

Hunter would like to join fellow blogger Iain Dale and apologise to the people of Sheffield for my "decadence". The Sunday Telegraph is reporting that the Bishop of Carlisle believes that pro-gay legislation has provoked God to send storms to the North and flood people out of their homes. The Bishop of Liverpool appears to agree with him. No doubt the Westboro Baptist Church agree with them, too. Click on the link to listen to a *highly* amusing hymn called "God Hates The World". It really is hysterical!

Well, if God did do that he's not a very nice man, is he? Church of England bishops are entitled to their views and so am I. We live in a free country and long may this continue to be the case. But if ever a reason was needed to smash the link between church and state, this could be it. Withdraw state funding from churches and throw their bishops out of the Lords. Let them sink or swim without taxpayers' cash. Let market forces decide.


Gavin F said...

And people wonder why Church attendance is falling!

The Romans had lots of Gods and were very superstitious, but if the latest series of 'Rome' is anything to go by, these Gods didn't seem to mind a good bit of buggery going on - and neither did anyone else!

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was 'Queer oop north" Now I see the bishops agree.

Jonny Wright said...

You're quite right about the bishops in the Lords, and the wider point about the disestablishment of the church. Why the bishops weren't thrown out at the same time as the hereditaries, I don't know. Religion belongs in people's private lifes, in communities, in families, and ultimately in individual people's consciensce. The State ought to be a neutral space that allows anyone to believe what they like, but which doesn't promote any religion above any other, or faith above lack of faith.

Graeme said...

jonny wright -- a very classical liberal position! I do agree and yet I'm a Conservative. What Justin and people like me need to do is sort out how to be a Tory (and believe that cultural values ought to be transmitted, via institutions) whilst getting rid of religious thinking. I don't think disestablishment is necessarily the answer, because into that vacuum would not come the empirical reasoning or humanist thinking which I would desire, but even worse religious intolerance. I don't know how to cure people of their god delusion, but it's definitely worth trying.

electro-kevin said...

What tosh these religious men talk. Richard Dawkins posits quite correctly, "What right do these priests have to be involved in scientific debate - chefs have more awareness of chemistry than they."

I was a practising Anglican until recently. I have given up faith. I remember visiting my vicar who had undergone surgery in hospital. He was visiting fellow patients and praying for them - he thanked God for his own recovery. I could see the look of utter disdain on the young doctor's face, "So it's nothing to do with the endless hours of study and research I put in then" he may as well have said it out loud.

And what of Islam ? It turns out that 'virgins' could be a mistranslation of 'sultanas'. What a bloody tragedy - to blow one's self to kingdom come and take others with you for a handfull of fruit. But I know there is no 'kingdom'. Transcendance of religion must be our next step in evolution.

Religion is so palpably wrong, packed to the gunnels with contradictions and never a shred of empirical evidence for miracles. The religionists duck a weave to defend their faith like the dodgiest of felons and then resort to the last weapon when their rationale is given forensic scrutiny - that of taking offence and curtailing honest examination.

Sorry if I'm being too serious, Justin.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Some very interesting points here, esp. from Kevin. Thanks, guys!

Suz said...

I hate religion of any kind. There was a debate on the Heaven & Earth show this morning about the Bishop of Carlisle statement that pro-gay legislation has provoked God to send storms to the North and flood people out of their homes.

I was gobsmacked to hear so many others agreeing with him. It's all pure madness.

The video is funny but it's no better than the Muslim fundermentalist.

Sorry for nicking your words and any mispelling. Haven't got a dictionary to hand