Hats off to Barrie Wood

Writing on Duncan Borrowman's blog about the recent Southall result, Barrie Wood, an independent-minded Lib Dem activist, poured scorn on his own party's claim during the campaign that it was 'a two-horse race':

"Neck and neck indeed ! It is this kind of kidology and spin that fools very few. How many times in safe seats for the bigger parties have we seen the "Only LDs can stop Lab or Con winning here" claims when we realistically know we haven't a cat in hell's chance of winning? It demeans our party by doing this!"

He later wrote on his own blog:

"Finally, a bugbear I always have with the Lib Dems! The exaggerated claims the party frequently makes. 'Only the Lib Dems can stop Lab or Con winning here', sometimes even when we start from a poor third place previously! A classic example was Duncan Borrowman yesterday claiming it was 'neck and neck' in the ES contest! A good strategy perhaps to get more helpers for a final push as a campaign closes, but somewhat insulting to the intelligence of the voting public! There said it, got it off my chest!"

Hunter blames the odious Mark Pack for spinning, stirring, exaggerating and being wicked. He's a disgrace to the political process and does no favours to the Lib Dems in the longterm.

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David Allen said...

Can't be long before Pack and the assassins on casters knife this chap like they did Lamido!