Boris or Boff?

Hunter wanted Steve Norris to be the Conservatives' choice for London Mayor. Sadly, though, Steve didn't put his name forward so Hunter is now torn between Boris Johnson and Andrew Boff, a seasoned campaigner from neighbouring Hackney.

I know that Boris is a massive draw, but Andrew is competent, hard-working, loyal and, above all, a safe pair of hands. He has just given a fab interview over at Pink News. At the moment, Hunter is minded to go for Andrew.

Who do you intend to vote for and why? Discuss.


David Allen said...

Andrew Boff is an unsung treasure of the London Party _ but it has to be Boris as he has a head start with his public profile. I wish Boff had gone for the GLA list (as well as the mayoral candidacy itself) when first the Assembly was created. He would have been leader of the group, surely, and possibly a credible mayoral contender by now.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Justin, you know my views on this. I will be voting for Andrew Boff because of all of the hard work he did to try and stop the only boys' school in Hackney from closing. He has done sooooooooooo much for the community in Hackney. He is as David says an unsung hero.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Thanks for voting for my blog, although I am a Conservative supporter. I don't think my blog is particularly politcial. My blog is surreal,a piss take mostly. Were you just being ironic when you put me as number one?