7 Labour Ealing councillors join Conservatives and Manchester Lib Dem councillor calls on voters to back Lit to stop Labour

Today, yet another Labour councillor in Ealing tore up her Labour membership card to back the Conservatives' Tony Lit - now bringing the number to seven (plus one independent candidate who has also switched to us). More are expected to follow suit. Hunter cannot recall a time when so many councillors changed parties during a by-election, yet there's total silence on Tom Watson’s blog. Watson is a real loud mouth and bully-boy. He's also head of the Labour campaign. To lose one councillor is careless, but seven?

Meanwhile, over at Lib Dem Voice, Abid Latif Chohan, a Lib Dem councillor in Manchester, is urging voters to vote tactically and support Tony Lit. But, according the Mark Pack and co., all is fine and dandy. They even mock the defections. When an obscure parish councillor recently switched from Conservatives to the Liberals somewhere in Kent they were ecstatic - completely over the moon. Can you imagine what Pack's reaction would be if seven councillors, even at parish level, joined them? The truth is that both Labour and Liberal campaigns are in chaos and momentum is clearly building up in our favour. Hunter is going to have a small bet on a Lit win.

Now, before Norfolk Blogger and others ask, let me make one thing clear: Hunter always calls for by-elections when people change sides. And, yes, this applies in Southall.

UPDATE: Tom Watson is now saying that only six, not seven, Labour councillors have defected to the Conservatives. So that's OK, is it?


David Allen said...

Southall looks like breaking the DimLebs reputation for a by-election 'golden touch'.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

And about time, too!

Stephen Tall said...

I'm sure you won't mind me pointing out that Cllr Chohan has categorically denied making the comments posted in his name:


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Having just read LDV, I note that his letter was heavily edited. Show me the complete letter, and I'll consider my post. All details were accurate at the time of going to press, Mr Tall.

Stephen Tall said...

Where on earth do you get the idea his letter was "heavily edited"? Bollocks it was - it was sent to me in a PDF file in a way which meant I had to transcribe the whole bloody thing myself! Absolutely nothing was edited.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Mr. Tall, whilst you are most welcome to leave messages on this blog, please refrain from using such aggressive and foul language.

Thank you.


Stephen Tall said...

I am sorry if my earthy language offended you.

I would be grateful in return if you might refrain from falsely stating - without any supporting evidence - that I've "heavily edited" letters which have been wholly and faithfully reproduced.

Gavin F said...

Perhaps it was just so badly written that it looked like it had been edited....?

DP South said...

Appearances aren't everything, Justin, and you shouldn't be so naive to believe your first impression isn't just a knee-jerk reaction.
So get over yourself, boyfriend. Anyway it's immature to believe that Bollywood in the UK is the same thing as an Ealing comedy made by the Westminster village.
Really, you need to shut yourself away for a while longer and do some hard self-analysis.