The white flag-flyers

As Norfolk Blogger observed, an "unholy alliance" of Members of the Scottish Parliament have voted "no" to trident.

Lib Dem, Green, SNP and a couple of far-left Labour MSPs opportunistically voted no to renewal at a time when we live in a very unstable environment. But as Murdo Fraser, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives at Holyrood, said:

"I wish we lived in a world without nuclear weapons, I wish we lived in a world where they had not been invented, or they could be uninvented. But we don't and none of these things are possible"

Rogue countries, including Russia, remain a threat to our national security.

The vote, though, is meaningless. UK Defence is still a matter for the Westminster Parliament. As long as Scots wish to remain part of the UK, they will have to accept this position.

I guess Scotland's MSPs would have thought twice before voting no if they knew the matter didn't rest with Westminster. Nevertheless, it's a terrible shame that the Lib Dems and SNP found it necessary to play such silly political games over our national sercurity.


Norfolk Blogger said...

To be fair Justin, I pointed out that the Lib Dems policy is to wait and see.

After the many lies Blair has told I am loathe to believe him that now is the only moment we have to make a decision on Trident.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Ming and the Lib Dems know that replacing trident is the right to do but is deeply unpopular. It's not a decision for him, so why say anything?

Regardless of Blair, I'd vote Yes.

David Allen said...

Haven't we already dramaticlly cut Britain's nuclear deterrent? The real defence issues are not nuclear _ our forces need more and better equipment and to be sent out on overseas engagements far less frequently _ which either means Brtiain subscribing to fewer overseas adventures or a substantial increase in the size of the army