Three cheers for Fortismere School

Despite a well-organised campaign by Trots, Dim Lebs and some Labour councillors to Keep Fortismere Comprehensive ,the governors of Fortismere School have opted out of Haringey's grubby little hands to persue "Foundation Status" by September 1. The school is now free! How could anyone have been satisfied with Haringey's dreadful record on education? Poor results, poor discipline and low morale and political (Socialist) dogma are the hallmarks of Haringey schools.

Hunter believes that teachers, governors and parents should run schoos based on local needs, not politicians from tin-pot town halls. Three cheers for Fortismere. Let’s hope other schools in our borough follow Fortismere’s excellent lead.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, I've just blog tagged you on my blog. look at the link below.



Anonymous said...

With the greatest respect, the school is not free. First, it cocked up the consultation process and this is being legally challenged. Secondly, the school would stil be bound by the statutory admissions code. Thirdly, it is still subject to the terms of the PFI contract.

Things might be rosier if the governing body were competent - but they've proved over the last 18 months that they can't be trusted to run a bath (illegal actions overruled by the Secretary of State, budget overruns, etc)

Do your research before you jump up and down.

And by the way - it's "pursue".

David Allen said...

Anonymous _ it's interesting to see you correct Justin's spelling. Perhaps you didn't realise that he is a product of a Haringey Council school and thus, almost by definition, had a sub-standard (bog standard?) education. I therefore think he is well-qualified to judge on the desirability of a school wanting to escape the clutches of a council which has run and ruined education in the borough for decades. It isn't capitalism which has reduced social mobility in this country but disastrous socialist education policies which have blighted the lives of millions. I believe that, if it weren't for Fortismere's exam results (due to the exceptional demographic of the area in which it is located), then Haringey would actually be at the bottom of the education league tables for London schools. It is only Fortismere dragging the mean average up, which keeps Haringey from bumping along the bottom...