RIP, Bernard Manning

It's probably not fashionable in this part of town to say that I'll miss Bernard Manning. Why? Because he made me laugh. He certainly wasn't PC, but I don't think he was a racist or a homophobe. He had the ability to make people laugh, not hate, each other. Indeed, many of his biggest fans were members of the BME communities - or, as he called them, "Bernard Manning Enthusiasts". Why is it that only white middle-class Guardian-readers take offence to jokes that are not directed at them? The po-faced, humourless, meddling and patronising anti-free speech stinkers! God, I HATE them!

RIP, Bernard.

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Electro Kevin said...

Bang on, Justin.

The whole liberalist agenda is bedrocked on minority issues in order to salami-slice away at majority freedoms. Now that ain't funny.

NB, notice how the word 'nigger' (of which I don't approve) has become taboo as just about every other ethical boundary is being kicked down (paedophilia, ageism, anti-religion - except Islam).