Nilgun: Making Labour history

Cllr. Nilgun Canver, the beleaguered Labour parliamentary wannabe for Hornsey and Wood Green, has an endorsements page on her website. Hunter is interested to note that the hapless David Lammy endorses Canver to be the Labour candidate with the words "...she has helped me substantially to increase my majority over the years...” Strange, given that Lammy's vote fell by a whopping 9.5% at the last general election. If Lammy thinks that his majority is going UP, then Hunter is happy for Nilgun to carry on with her good work.


Anonymous said...

Lammy's declining majority is entiely his own fault! He's snotty and arrogant and nnot right for Tottenham at all.

Anonymous said...

Now now Justin, no need to go anonymous, haha!
Have you noticed that as Lammy's majority has gone down that his waistband size has gone up. Dont they have a gym at Westminster. Must be all those porky pies and House of Commons dinners.
Have you also noticed how his neck has disappeared. We are cruel.
No doubt he's already cozying up to Brown for more Cabinet posts.

Hope your not still drinking Tottenham dry. I must send you my blogs sometime soon.