Labour takes in homphobic liar and hypocrite

Quentin Davies, the Stamford and Spalding MP, has defected to Labour. At first, I was surprised, shocked and angry - in that order - as I considered him to be loyal and intelligent. How wrong I was! I have just seen a post of Iain Dale's blog which exposes Davies as liar and hypocrite. Further research led Hunter to visit They Work For You, a website which lists MPs' voting record in Parliament. The old duffer opposes ID cards, foundation hospitals, student top-up fees, the ban on fox-hunting and gay rights - all, of course, flagship Labour policies.

His performance as an MP is poor. He only spoke in 18 debates last year, asked just 9 questions to ministers and takes 2-3 weeks to respond to constituents' letters - all well below average amongst MPs. Too busy, no doubt, lining his pocket at The Chartered Institute of Taxation.

David Cameron has brilliantly responded to Davies' resignation letter. Click here to read David's response. Meow!


David Allen said...

Good post. Perhaps Davies is angling for a peerage in Blair's resignation honours.....

Alan Collins said...

Indeed, I don't think that this is a major loss.

In a few days' time, all this will be forgotten and he will be just another Labour MP.

All this will cause is a short-term glitch in the clean image of the Tories, not entirely welcome so soon after the rift over Grammar Schools (and subsequent resignation of Graham Brady).

Norfolk Blogger said...

Don't you think this is hypocrital Justin ? For months Tories have been going on about a handful of councillors who defect and you yourself have been claiming that a Lib Dem was about to defect (infact, you had it on "good authority"). You can't condemn people for defecting when you support it when they defect to you.

That's hypocrisy, which is I think one of the things Quention Davies accused the Tory party of being.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Complete crap, Nich. I always favour elected defectors resigning and fighting their seats under their new colours.

A number of highly-regarded Lib Dems have joined us and we're expecting more to do so. Yes, this includes MPs!

Only last night, Davies voted against the government. He has called Brown some terrible names and is opposed to most Labour policies. He's an opportunist - and a stupid one at that.

Graeme said...

Norfolk blogger wrote That's hypocrisy, which is I think one of the things Quention Davies accused the Tory party of being.

I think one can 'do' hypocrisy; it's rather hard to see how one can 'be' hypocrisy, though perhaps LibDems are better at being that abstract noun incarnate :-0)

Anyway reading between NB's lines ... not clear how welcoming liberals who realise that the future for liberalism lies in a centre-right Tory party, while disdaining cardcarrying Bufton-Tuftons who go over to a party to which they remain in complete opposition, is hypocrisy. Davies has nothing in common with Brown; unless Brown is as much of a gay-hating git as his background would suggest, rather than the open-minded champion of gay rights that we're supposed to believe. Davies is a bad smell in a pin-striped suit; if he can find one thing in common with the benches he's just joined then they're welcome to him; I am glad there's one less cretin like that on our benches - one less person to make one squirm with embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you all saw last nights Newsnight with the said defector and Alan Duncan. Duncan was having trouble keeping a straight face.

But I cant think why Labour even want the old fuddy duddy!

Ellee said...

Quentin who?!!!!

He's had his 15 mins of fame.