I've been electronically tagged

Norfolk Blogger has charged me to name five blogs which make me think:

In order of preference:

1. Croydonian. This is an highly-intellectual blog, which always leads me to think - and think hard. Not for the fait-hearted!

2. Ellee Seymour. Ellee normally writes a post and then requests feedback. You can't help but think. She come across as a very 'sensible' woman, if not slightly conservative. You can't imagine her in high-heels.

3. Archbishop Cranmer. Cranmer is a complete mystery, but a very good and thought-provoking one on all matters political and spiritual.

4. Norfolk Blogger. Nich is, in my view, a real Liberal. He ought to be in the Conservatives! Always worth a read - perhaps he should be my number one?

5. Lynne Featherstone. Lynne's blog is beautifully written and generally offer solutions from the Left. Although I rarely agree with her, she makes her case and does it well.

Not tagging anyone as I've already been bitten once for doing so...


Ellee said...

I love high heels, I must send you some photos. I always wear fabulous shoes to match my outfits, I have high heels in nearly every colour, I took half a dozen pairs away with me on holiday last week. I'm renowned for them.
In the house, I walk barefoot.
I'm sensible in that I am practical and have no time for fools. But I am very fun loving, my sons always tell me I embarrass them.
You must join me in my Second Life birthday party so you can get to know me better.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks Justin. Very complimentary.

Graeme said...

Well! And to think I joined your rancid facebook group Justin!

David Allen said...

Ellie, I am fascinated by your shoe story! Can I suggest thatyou remove that ghastly photo-montage of Labour losers from your blog's masthead today _ and rpelace it with a photo-montage of all those fabulous shoes! ;-)

Ellee said...

David, what an interesting and amusing idea, I may well do it one day soon.