Haringey Lib Dems left out in the cold - altogether now...

Three Haringey-based Lib Dem activists have been rejected - by their own party. Failed Woodside candidate Ajmal Masroor, the anaemic-looking Cllr. Monica Whyte and the recycled Cllr. Wayne Hoban were all rejected as Greater London Authority members (LAMs) by Lib Dem members. At the last election, not a single constituency in London elected a Lib Dem, but they managed to get 5 people in on the 'top up' system which is done using PR. To be fair, Whyte was ranked 10th - but that's no bloody good if you have trouble in getting just five elected!

The successful Lib Dems are nearly all white, middles class and hail from South West London. This had led to over a hundred comments on the soon to be defunct Lib Dem Voice. Normally, the comments section is reserved for Mark Pack and his dog but these results have started some post-election mud-slinging and cries of "sour grapes". Well worth a read!

The Lib Dems remain the only political party at Westminster without a single BME MP. 40% of Londoners are from the BME communities, yet the London Lib Dems have opted not to select a non-white face for the GLA. Representative of Londoners? Hunter thinks not!

For the hapless Dee Doocey to have secured the 2nd on the list, it tells you something about the Haringey Dim Lebs, doesn't it?


David Allen said...

Sounds like their yellow brand colour is getting paler and paler _ they'll be selling themselves in Dagenham and Broxbourne as the 'White Party' next! I don't think the country really wants to be condescended to by a bunch of smug, snotty west Londoners and queens-on-casters _ no wonder they are being wiped out in local government when thye make so little effort to reflect the demographic make-up of the population.

Graeme said...

I think what's almost worse than their failure to select any BME candidates is the fact that they worry so much about it. So it's either unconscious racism on their behalf (because they know the outcome makes them look ridiculous in London) or they don't have any talented BME members worth selecting - which says a lot about a party which claims to be a credible force in London. Well done for reminding us that their Westminster representation is just as shamefully unrepresentative. I'm no fan of quotas, but if you are an attractive, decent party then just by chance you would produce selection lists which contain at least some of the main groups of people who live in the city you're seeking to represent. That they can't manage this even when they're trying says a lot about the dismal state of this dismal 'party'.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Keep up Justin, Lib Dem Voice has now been saved ( it was announced last week) and to claim they were rejected is a bit unfair.In any sort of contest liek this, some has to be rejected "by their own party".

How would you view it if after the next set of Euro Slections or indeed, after the Tory Mayoral candidate is chosen if I labelled all the candidates who failed to win as people who were "rejected by their own party".

It is not fair at all !