H&WG Labour selection process gets nasty - the knives are out!

News reaches Hunter that Cllr. Nilgun Canver, a local Labour councillor and MP applicant for Hornsey and Wood Green, has allegedly contacted Dim Lebs to 'get dirt' on Cllr. Catherine West, the front-runner and Labour Group Leader on Islington Council.

Meanwhile, Jan Etienne, another applicant, has been accused of lying about her address. Although she lives in Brent, she has given a Noel Park address as her official residence.

And a certain Tottenham councillor has been slammed by various people in the H&WGCLP for "poking her nose" into the 'process'. I wonder who that could be?

Labour activists are so busy fighting each other they have haven’t had time to update their website - which still lists Barbara Roche as the constituency's MP.

What a shower!


Anonymous said...

Why have you got it in for Nilgun? At least she is 'real' and local _ better than some hoity-toity Blairite parachuted in from Party HQ. Whoever wins the deputy leadership, (I hope it's Benn) will have the job of reconnecting the national party with grassroots members. That will be easier if we go for parliamentary candidates who are firmly embedded in their local community, local councillors, rather than the plastic clones who go to the right dinner parties.

Tom Mason said...

Well anonymong, she's only 'real' and 'local' in the sense of being 'moronic' and 'unprofessional'.

Whenever I've seen her she's always made an appaling spectacle of herself - not bothering to conceal her own personal and party motivations with even the thinest gloss of 'doing-it-for-the-public-good'.

Her behaviour at the last local elections count was some of the worst I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I agree. She is an embarrassment to her Party. The only reason she's being touted around, is the cynical ploy by some Haringey Labour 'colleagues' of hers, in setting her up to fail. They know that Lynne Featherstone will easliy beat her, and then the old Labour lot can be cleared out, so they can take control.
She isn't even respected by people from her own community. I'm told she goes around asking for freebies in shops on Green Lanes!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...


What did you do at the count? Must have been in the Phoenix...

Matt said...

I am genuinely surprised by the desperate rush to be the next losing Labour candidate in Hornsey & Wood Green!