Change to win, win for Britain!

More and more Labour and Liberal Democrat activists, members and supporters are switching to Cameron's Conservatives. Locally, Hunter was delighted to welcome former Labour councillor and Chief Whip Richard Reynolds into the fold. Our latest recruit is former Lib Dem Councillor Geoffrey Martin of Cannock Chase District Council. A very warm welcome to you, Geoffrey.

These are three main reasons why people are joining us:

1. People are attracted to David Cameron's brand of One-Nation Conservatism. The Conservative Party is once again a compassionate, liberal and forward-looking party situated in the centre ground of British politics.

2. Brown is not 'new' - he's old and stale. He followed the Blair agenda hook, line and sinker. In many respects, he'll be worse than Blair. To an extent, Blair sat on him and stopped him from taxing and spending even more of our cash.

3. If you want a credible alternative to the "Great Clunking Fist", then Cameron is your man. Nobody, not even Lib Dem members, take Ming Campbell seriously. Two-party politics is re-emerging, so a Lib Dem vote is a wasted vote and will let Labour sneak in by the back door. Only the Conservatives can beat Brown and recharge Britain's batteries.

If you're not already a Conservative, it's time for some deep thinking.

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Anonymous said...

So the Tories want to scrap free entrance to Museums. Oh dear!

Justin you must be suffering from that regular affliction of political over optimism... again. Either that or it's Tory spin.

Did you not see the Channel 4 News tonight. A You Gov poll for the station shows that D.C. is failing to pursuade voters that he is changing the Conservative Party as leader.
Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic springs to mind.