Calling all Haringey bloggers

Hunter has contacted fellow Haringey bloggers to suggest meeting for a glass of wine or two. We have, well, at least two things in common: living in and blogging from Haringey.

Don't know how some on the Left feel about meeting up with a Conservative (some would prefer to meet the great God Zog!) and their whips may be a wee bit worried about such a gathering. Thankfully, Hunter leads his party and is not answerable to any 'whips'.

If you blog in Haringey and I have not dropped you a note, email or send a telepathic message.

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David Allen said...

With your new found commitment to a healthy lifestyle, shouldn't you be inviting your fellow bloggers to some healthy outdoor green initiative (like clearing 'debris' from Hampstead Heath _ followed by a swift shot of wheatgrass or two?